Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winter 2.0 Fun


Greetings all!
Winter 2.0 Fun is launched!

Winter 2.0 Fun will run from December 1, 2007 - April 1, 2008. This
is a repeat of School Library Learning 2.0 that was offered this summer.

Join your colleagues to learn more about YouTube, podcasts, image
generators, wikis, mashups and other web 2.0 tools.

Now is your chance to learn, at your leisure -- in the comfort of your
own home, all about these exciting new tools. This on-line tutorial
will take you step by step through the use of many of the tools
listed above. There are already many ideas posted on CSLA's
California 2.0 Curriculum Connections wiki on how to develop library
lessons and useful classroom collaborations. Join in this discussion
and add to it, the many ideas you'll be getting as you work through
the 23 Things of this tutorial.

With over 60 CSLA "Summer 2.0 Fun" graduates, you have lots of learning
partners to call on and many of these grads will be your cheering
CSLA's Ed Tech Committee gives this special feature a new name: "Peer

School Library Learning 2.0 is a free, fun, and fabulous way to learn
together and strengthen our collective educational technology savvy.
For those who want academic credit, there is a
Continuing Education option.

Start today at

Connie Williams

Connie Hamner Williams
CSLA 2.0 Team
President-elect, CSLA

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