Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Staff Team Battle of the Books

Staff Team
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Snacks, Podcasting, Fresno Area Library Council, Poetry Slam, Research

There's never a dull moment in the library. 1. We are busy selling snacks to be able to buy books for the library. We have to make sure they meet the new state guidelines for healthier snacks- no more brownies next year! 2. We held a podcasting class this afternoon for folks wanting to learn about podcasting for macs. Next week we'll host the pc podcasting class, learning from the wisdom of Brian Dvorak- podmaster. 3. Fresno Area Library Council- which has members from public, academic, school, viticulture, medical, law, etc., libraries, will be hosted at Bullard High School next month. They will take this opportunity to have a delicious lunch and to learn about what school libraries accomplish! 4. We'll visit Central East's Poetry Slam at the end of March to learn how big time operators operate their Slams. Ours is in April. 5. Teachers and Teacher Librarian are working with ELL students on the steps of research (using the Big6).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bicycle/ Gray Hair? Week 2 #4

In trying to create an avatar, it is interesting to note that there is only one option with gray hair, and there are either pretty thin people or "Plus" size people. What about the regular sized people? Furthermore, I cannot express my fun in riding my bike to work without having a bicycle picture in the middle of my library. Oh well.
It was not a problem to register my blog with CSLA but I didn't know my membership number.

First Bullard High Battle of the Books! Week 2 #3

Today we had our first Bullard vs. Bullard Battle of the Books. There were two student teams and two teacher teams at each level (Prep and JV). Snacks were provided for the participants. We did question by question, team by team, then we did a lightning round where each person had a buzzer to answer the question. It was a lot of fun! Winners received medals and will receive certificates. Now the winning two teams of students (teacher teams are not allowed to go on) will compete at the District Level at Fresno Pacific University on March 29, 2007. Last year Bullard won first place in the District- we hope for a repeat!
It is fun to have this blog to keep track of what I'm doing but I also have a BHS Library Blog that I am trying to keep up. Luckily, since the blogs are for different purposes, it is easy to remember and figure out what goes in each one and when, etc. What is difficult is trying to find time to comment on others' blogs! But it is definitely worthwhile because their comments about how they learned and what they learned are very pertinent!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Learning Every Day in the Library Week 1 #2

I invited three library media teachers to our Friends of Bullard Library Meeting. The three talked about all the wonderful things they do at their library - collaborating on lessons with teachers, information literacy, etc. They are covering subject area standards as well as teaching students information literacy. The meeting inspired a couple of English teachers and a Science Teacher to try lessons in the library! In fact, the Science Teacher may bring in her whole department! This could be very exciting!
We all need to incorporate the 7.5 habits of highly successful lifelong learners-- especially #7.5- PLAY! This would be a good video for our staff but maybe not quite so meaningful for our students at this point in their lives?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

First Post to Blog Week 1 #1

This is my second blog. My first one is for my school library at This one if for me to learn about Web 2.0 (thank you to San Jose State). I liked learning about new technology things (23 Things) we should know about. Interacting with students we should know these 23 things because many of our students probably already do!