Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Snacks, Podcasting, Fresno Area Library Council, Poetry Slam, Research

There's never a dull moment in the library. 1. We are busy selling snacks to be able to buy books for the library. We have to make sure they meet the new state guidelines for healthier snacks- no more brownies next year! 2. We held a podcasting class this afternoon for folks wanting to learn about podcasting for macs. Next week we'll host the pc podcasting class, learning from the wisdom of Brian Dvorak- podmaster. 3. Fresno Area Library Council- which has members from public, academic, school, viticulture, medical, law, etc., libraries, will be hosted at Bullard High School next month. They will take this opportunity to have a delicious lunch and to learn about what school libraries accomplish! 4. We'll visit Central East's Poetry Slam at the end of March to learn how big time operators operate their Slams. Ours is in April. 5. Teachers and Teacher Librarian are working with ELL students on the steps of research (using the Big6).

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