Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Bullard High Battle of the Books! Week 2 #3

Today we had our first Bullard vs. Bullard Battle of the Books. There were two student teams and two teacher teams at each level (Prep and JV). Snacks were provided for the participants. We did question by question, team by team, then we did a lightning round where each person had a buzzer to answer the question. It was a lot of fun! Winners received medals and will receive certificates. Now the winning two teams of students (teacher teams are not allowed to go on) will compete at the District Level at Fresno Pacific University on March 29, 2007. Last year Bullard won first place in the District- we hope for a repeat!
It is fun to have this blog to keep track of what I'm doing but I also have a BHS Library Blog that I am trying to keep up. Luckily, since the blogs are for different purposes, it is easy to remember and figure out what goes in each one and when, etc. What is difficult is trying to find time to comment on others' blogs! But it is definitely worthwhile because their comments about how they learned and what they learned are very pertinent!

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Someday, maybe we'll see a videoclip of the great battle on YouTube?