Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#15 Week 6 Library 2.0

Library 2.0 is very interesting to read about at the same time a discussion is going on on LM_NET regarding the demise of our profession!

We will become obsolete if we don't change with the times. Read Joyce Valenza's fantastic blogpost on how we need to get with the program.


Also, I have cut and pasted some of Mike Eisenberg's comments from LM_NET, April 2007, about how we can make ourselves more useful. Thanks to Joyce and Mike for their creative ideas.

Mike Eisenberg:
Here are some possibilities - RIGHT NOW.

(1) get ready for next year right now.
(2) What is the #1 library & information priority in your school? Is it
information literacy? Reading? Information technology? THEN FOCUS ON
THAT. Minimize time and effort in the other areas.
(3) If you spend too much time on shelving and sign-out, then don't!
Find another way to get it done, or just don't do it. Make books due
once a month - or not at all! Have students reshelve their own
books...whatever, just stop focusing on this.
(4) If you spend too much time selecting materials, then don't! Form a
district committee to do 90% of selection for all elementary schools.
Or a statewide committee. Or just use the standard lists. I know, I
know - this is terrible! But, figure out another way to do it.
(5) If kids are using the "library" more and more remotely and less
physically, then get in there and spend more "time" in virtual space!
Or in the classrooms.
(6) Analyze scores on standardized tests. How could YOU make a
difference - right away!
(7) Collaboration is a means, not an end. Focus on students and
learning - not necessarily on classroom teachers.
(8) Flexible scheduling is a means, not an end. If the best way for you
to work with kids is through scheduling, then do it!
(9) If the kids use Google for everything, stop trying to tell them to
use something else. HELP them to use Google (or the Wikipedia) more
effectively. Teach them to select best resources from Google and how to

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Thanks for including Mike E's remarks. Will your top priority in the 2007-07 school year be 2.0 classroom collaborations? Maybe so, after completing this course!