Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Create a blog post about anything technology-related Week 3 #7

1. Jackie and Connie- Thanks for spearheading this whole shebang.
2. I have been playing around with Library Thing which I read about on CALIBK12. I opened an account (free) and put a widget on my blog (on the right side you will see it- it worked), as well as on my Bullard High School Library Blog (didn't work yet...) and my BHS Library webpage (worked- at bottom of page). This is a lot of fun- now I just need to add more books.

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Our CSLA2team bloglines account alerted me to your new posts. Good to see you enjoying 2.0 THINGS. You'll find that you will discover all sorts of useful and fun 2.0 applications along the way -- even before the course introduces them to you. That oh-so-wonderful LibraryThing is included at the end of the course as a treat for those who haven't discovered or played with it yet. You are zipping along in 2.0 time. Best wishes to you!