Saturday, April 28, 2007

Week 9, #22 Ebooks and Audio eBooks

This is such an interesting new frontier. Of course the minute we had the Gutenberg Project, a natural next step was getting these books on audio. I would prefer to read a pdf file than an html file online, although I would really prefer to read a real live book in my lap! I put some of the LibriVox feeds on my podcast subscriptions. I love listening to books on podcast so this will be a nifty way to catch up on some old classics that I have never read. Maybe I will find it easier to read some of them by listening rather than by old fashioned reading. It will be fun to find out. Brothers Karamazov here I come!


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Isn't LibriVox a nice development? It has so much potential. Enjoy!

librarymum said...


I saw your comment on Randy DeJong's blog about Flyaways and also a subscription to a site to download books. Can you tell me what site you are subscribing to and how you went about paying for it at school? You can email me at: or just click on my profile name here and answer me on my blog, if you don't mind giving me some information. I am not sure who will take purchase orders, etc., and this is something I want to pursue.

Thanks for your help. Janet (aka Librarymum)